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Certificate Courses

Courses Offered:
Office Productivity Tools
A 40-hour course designed to increase worker productivity, where the student learns to effectively use:

      MS WORD – a word processing software
      MS EXCEL – a spreadsheet software
      MS POWERPOINT – a slide presentation software

Photoshop 101
A 30-hour course created to help users attain mastery in digital image enhancement, designing invitation, tarpaulins, etc. & restoring old pictures.

Graphics Design and Layouting
A 30-hour course developed to learn the Graphics Desing Program. The course enables learners to gain expertise in layouting & designing brochures, invitations, print ad materials, flyers, tarpaulins, newsletter etc.

Computer Programming Language
A 60-hour course that teaches students basic & advanced features of computer programming language like C/C++, Visual Basic and Java (used in developing system softwares).

PC Troubleshooting and Networking
A 60-hour course that helps enrollees gain the skills needed to diagnose & troubleshoot malfunctioning computers & program glitches. The course also teaches how to configure Local and Wide Area Networks.