Admission to any of the programs or course offerings in the Tertiary Level (graduate, and undergraduate) of the College is open to all students who meet the set standards, requirements and regulations who meet the set standards, requirements and regulations irrespective of gender, age, race, religious belief or socio-economic and civil status.

Retention in the program, major or area of specialization until graduation however shall be dependent on the evaluation of the Dean on the student's performance in meeting the course standards and requirements and complying with the institution's rules and regulations.

General Admission Credentials

You may need the following:

  • Form 138-A (HS Card showing graduation from a secondary level program) for new students entering college.
  • Transfer Credentials with scholastic record for transferee including MA students and graduates of any degree or course.
  • Certificate of Good Moral Character
  • Birth Certificate (photocopy)
  • Marriage Certificate (photocopy for female married students only)
  • Study Permit (for government employees only)
  • 1 copy of 2x2 color picture.

Graduate Studies

In the judgment of the Admission Committee, only the following shall be eligible for admission into the MA in Education program, pending the following considerations:

  • Must be a graduate of any teacher education degree program with at least an average rating of 2.0 (85%) or its equivalent in the entire program. Applicants with general averages below the prescribed admission requirements may be admitted after taking and passing the qualifying examination prescribed by the Admission Committee. The applicants who passed the examination will be recommended for acceptance by the Dean.
  • Non-education degree graduates must have taken at least 18 units of professional education subjects.
  • Must be a holder of the required admission credentials.
  • A graduate student shall be deemed formally admitted to the graduate status after he or she successfully completed 18 units of graduate work and passed the evaluation and assessment by the committee of the program. Only then shall the student be allowed to pursue the course until graduation.

College of Teacher Education

To ensure that only those who enter the teaching profession, possess a reasonably high level of scholastic achievement, appropriate attitude, interest and personality traits, the following shall be adhered to:

  • Student must be physically and mentally fit and should therefore pass the appropriate medical, and psychological and aptitude test.
  • Candidate must pass the interview conducted by the Admission Committee.
  • Aspiring student student must have obtained at least 85%. Where the student has a lower general average, eligibility based on his/her aptitude test shall be given consideration.
  • Student must submit all the admission credentials required by the school.

After completing the first curriculum year in the program, students shall be evaluated by the Dean to determine who shall be retained in the program. It will be at this point where the specific field of specialization shall be worked out and this shall be based on student performance during the time under review.

College of Accountancy and Business Administration

Students who intend to pursue courses in any of these study areas shall be evaluated by the Admissions Committee. They must:

  • Be physically and mentally fit and therefore pass the appropriate medical, psychological and aptitude tests.
  • Have a general average in high school of at least 85% or its equivalent. Those who have lower general average, however, must pass the qualifying examinations to be administered by the Dean.
  • Possess interest and inclination for the course applied.
  • Have a basic aptitude for math, an understanding of basic logic and systems, and communicative competence.
  • Submit all the admission credential upon enrollment.

Continuance in the program after two years shall be determined by the Dean based on performance and aptitude shown over the period under study.

College of Information and Computing Studies

Applicants for admission o be degree programs in this College must pass the interview conducted by the College Dean or Program Head. They should in addition:

  • Pass the aptitude and medical tests.
  • Must have obtained an average of at least 85% or its equivalent in high school. Where an aspirant has a grade lower than this, he or she should pass the qualifying examination conducted by the College.
  • Must have interest and determination to pursue the course.
  • Must submit the credentials prescribed by the institution at the time of enrollment.

Retention in the program until graduation shall be determined by the Dean / Program Head based on a review of student performance over the year.