Basic Education Program

The Basic Education Program of San Carlos College is a holistic program that caters young mind starting from the pre-elementary until student reaches a mature mind to decide his/her field of specialization (Senior High School).

Programs Supported / Accredited by

Pre-School and Kindergarten

San Carlos College’s Pre-School is commited to prepare its pupils for bigger responsibilities in elementary education while having fun!

Teaching the basics to its young students will cover the following areas:

  • Intellectual:
    1. Learning how to read and write.
    2. Learning to count easily.
    3. Learning computer skills (theory and hands-on).
    4. Learning to relate numbers to quantities in real life.
    5. Learning comparative measurement terms.
    6. Learning the names of the common geometric shapes.
    7. Learning that quantities from items can be measured and measurements can be expressed as a number.
    8. Learning to recognize recurring patterns and its occurence in real life.
    9. Learn to manipulate numbers by simple addition and subtraction.
    10. Learning simple money transactions.
    11. Learn to tell the time, use a calendar, measure quantities.
    12. Learning to recognize patters and use pattern to determine what comes next.
  • Physical-further developing motor, physical skills through playing and exercise.
  • Social-learning to interact with others, learning to respect elders and be a part of a family.
  • Spiritual and Moral development. -Learning social, spiritual and moral values and good behavior.


San Carlos College promises academic excellence in every grade level. The Elementary Department ensures that its pupils will continue t grow in excellence by measuring academic progress during the school year which guides the teachers to improve their achievement.

The Elementary Department will focus on continued improvement in the following skills such as reading, writing, science, math and communication. Computer skills and hands on training is part of the curriculum.

San Carlos College will carry out programs to develop the total child covering their physical, intellectual, social, moral and psychological emotional development. The faculty and administration will endeavor to prepare the children for bigger responsibilities and leadership roles in school, family and in the community.

High School

San Carlos College will strive to encourage it students to continue pursuing academic excellence. The school will endeavor to develop the total character of the person (moral, spiritual, intellectual, & social).It is San Carlos College’s duty to ensure it builds the mind of the future leaders of the community. Students will be encouraged to join Interest Clubs to help develop leadership, writing, communication skills as well as handling responsibility. The Science & Math subjects will aim to develop the analytical mind of the student. Computer skills and hands-on training will also be included in the curriculum.

Meet the Principal / VP for Academic Affairs

Dr. Peralta holds doctorate degree in Educational Management from PSU Graduate School. A passer of both Professional Board Exam for Teachers and Civil Service Professional Examination. She served as the Vice President for Academic Affairs and the Principal of both San Carlos College Basic Education Department and Urbiztondo Private High School.