San Carlos College: The School that Changed my Life

by Bryan King A. Martinez

As we take the steps toward the end of our journey at our dear San Carlos College, I reminisce the moment when I took my very first step in this campus almost 8 years ago. San Carlos College has been part of my life since high school until now, college (loyalty award). I entered the school carrying only my will to learn and excitement to experience a different environment. Cliché as it may sound but it was a roller coaster journey with memories of happiness and sorrows—ups and downs. Those memories I will treasure and will echo forever in my heart and mind as a product of San Carlos College. If I would describe my journey in this institution, I would proudly say that it was the greatest journey I had ever had. SCC is my second home, a place that had witnessed my first step to growing up. Excellence was a motivation yet committing mistakes is but normal.

    Being a part of this institution, it has truly fulfilled its mission of providing life skills and Christian values. San Carlos College engraved these aspects in my life which helped me a lot to become an upright person
Character. Honor must always be first before success because success without honor is worse than fraud. San Carlos College has deeply influenced me by creating a good character in me, with honor and integrity. Character, one of the three founding Ideals of this institution, together with Scholarship and Service, can be the hope of this world, with lots of criminality, corruption, terrorism, violence and an unending list of negativities which may be caused by lack or misuse of good character. The character that I gained in this institution will surely help me in the future when it is time for me to make decisions that would affect my life. Character defines and complements personality and attitude. Dealing with various people with confidence and respect are just two of the characters that SCC has taught me..

Leadership. We are the leader of our own life. For the previous years of staying in SCC, serving my fellow students has been a quality which is planted in my mind. I have experienced holding representative positions and became Council President and it wasn’t a plain field but an obstacle course. Those rough roads have helped me realize that you can’t please everybody but treating them with respect is the best solution after all.

Excellence. San Carlos College lives its vision and mission by equipping students with knowledge through its high-quality education, alongside better facilities and instructional equipment. Staying in SCC for years, I have witnessed that spoon-feeding ideas was an obsolete and ineffective learning procedure. Here, we are taught how to analyze critically, thereby allowing us to discover things through our own hard work. In the past 7 decades of SCC, it has provided professionals with the knowledge and skills that made them excel in their career and enjoy a stable life – these serve as our motivation to be one of them. Our aim is to show to the world that when we finally depart from this prestigious institution we will be a big impact of change in the world.

Humility. Excellence should humble us. The greatest lesson SCC has engraved in our hearts is to appreciate the persons behind our success. There is no success that comes only from our own actions and perseverance. There are always those persons who helped and inspired us and small things that influenced our path to success. Someday, we will reap the fruit of our hard work and perseverance and we should always look back to the persons who had helped us discern our own definition of success and the institution that molded us to become productive and morally upright professionals. SCC is one of them. It is not just a mere school, but an institution that completed the puzzle of our life, it provided us with the last part of our life’s puzzle and with this, we should be forever grateful to San Carlos College.

There is no Future in Drugs

by Alliah Angelu Ariaga

    Drug abuse has become a very widespread phenomenon nowadays. In our country, for example, it has been increasing despite the president’s all-out war against drugs, which brought about a lowering of prices and easier access. In western countries, it has been increasing as one of the symptoms of the rebellion of youth. Society strongly opposes this phenomenon and it tries to spot the drug abusers and punish them.
    There are a number of reasons why people take drugs. Drug users often come from broken, lower-class families, but there are also others from rich and middle-class families. The former do it in order to escape from their miserable lives and the grim reality in which they live. They are bored because they have everything and they have no goals to achieve, so they look for new experiences and a new interest in life.

    A drug abuser goes through three stages. First, he enjoys his new situation and considers himself lucky because he can get “happy” whenever he chooses to. Then, he realizes that he needs stronger drugs that cost a lot. At this stage, he cannot function without the drugs, so he shivers, shouts and cannot control himself. In the next stage, the drug abuser is a seriously sick person. His inner organs no longer work. Irreversible damage has been done and the addict will sooner or later die.
    Drug addicts can be saved if they are spotted in time. Attempts to help abusers withdraw from drugs have been made in mental hospitals. However, only 2% of the patients succeed in quitting. Effective treatment costs a lot of money because the addicts must be kept in special centers for long periods and given very expensive medical care. Most of the families cannot raise such huge sums of money and they seek the help of society.
    It was found out in a survey on10th graders that drugs don’t have a serious significance in their school. A lot of students answered, “I have never used drugs.” The students in our school care about what is going on around them. When asked the question what would they do if they found out their friend was using drugs, one 10th grade student answered, “I will tell his parents.” Another student said, “First of all, I will go directly to him and talk about the implications of using drugs. If that does not help, I will go to a responsible authority.”
    Do people use drugs for social reasons? According to a survey, 33% of the girls answered that people do use drugs for social reasons, while 36% of the boys answered that they do not. One math teacher said, “I think that people use drugs because of social pressure or because of personal problems.” A Hebrew literature teacher said that people use drugs because they want to be cool.  

Life After Graduation

by Ladiemirr Ildefonso

    ife after college is the beginning of a new chapter. There are a plethora of opportunities and experiences to be had, which were unavailable in college. Likewise, it can be intimidating, especially if you do not know what to expect. As an official adult now, you have adult responsibilities as well. You’ll be expected to figure out a lot on your own, from budgeting to deciding where you’ll be living now that campus housing is no longer an option. For your convenience, there are some resources to cushion your transition, with information on everything from becoming a young professional to deciding whether it’s financially feasible to move out of your parents’ house and into your own place. Seek for advice professionals who are successful in their career and read articles that will give you additional information about Life After College to get yourself feeling more at ease and less stressed about what you should do next.

    Many post-college students do not have their goals mapped out. You may have an idea of what you’d like to be doing in the near future - whether it’s starting a career, traveling abroad or heading to grad school - however, you may not know how to get there or how what you’ll be doing immediately after graduation. Dealing with that “what’s next?” feeling is a reality for most. Try to ease your mind a bit and address the anxiety you feel about figuring out life after college while taking some ideas on what you could do with your life now that you’re not defined by your college campus. Try to take all the questions in stride, as we know many among your family and friends will surely want to know what you’re up to now. Take some time to think about what it is that you’d like to apply to, figure out your housing situation, and come up with some long-term goals. The feeling is temporary, and keeping things in perspective helps. You’re not the only one stressing out about life after college.
    It is not solely what you will do in post-college that matters, but also the process. Making the transition from a college student to a young professional is harder for some, but if you’re prepared for the kinds of responsibilities you’ll face, it will get easier with time and experience. Read some tips on the nuts and bolts of budgeting in the real world, browse the internet, there are lots of compiled resources on less tangible topics, such as how to deal with the stress of acting and looking like a young professional. Naptime in the middle of the afternoon, as common as it is in college, is strictly prohibited in professional workplaces. It is time to exit the college lifestyle. Consider this: Not everyone graduates from college. You’re part of a special group now, and you’ll certainly be better prepared to tackle real-world problems now, compared to when you were a high school graduate. Think about how much you’ve grown over the last four years, and how the skills you picked up in college will be of use in the real world.

Masamang epekto ng Video Games sa Kalusugan ng mga Manlalaro

ni Maripert De Guzman

    Sa kasalukuyang panahon, mas pinipili ng mga kabataan na gamitin ang kanilang libreng oras sa paglalaro ng mga video games. Nagsimula sa ‘Sorry Mario but our princess is in another castle.’  hanggang napunta sa ‘Double kill! Penta-kill!’ . Ayon sa pag-aaral ng Entertainment Software Association, 1.8 bilyon na ang bilang nga mga ‘players’ sa buong mundo. 62 bahagdan dito ang naglalaro gamit ang kompyuter at 56 na bahagdan naman ang gumagamit ng ‘game console’.  Ang naturang pag-aaral ay sinang-ayunan ng Intel. Ang paglalaro nito ay maraming naidudulot, may mabuti, at mayroon din namang masama. Sa pagsama ng milenyal at Generation Y sa pag-unlad ng teknolohiya, kasama na ring inagos ang kanilang mentalidad at pamumuhay. At walang kamalay-malay, unti unti ng sinisira ng mga ito ang kalusugan nila, game over kumbaga.
    Ang mga kabataan ay kadalasang naglalaro ng video games halos araw araw, ayon sa Time Magazine, karaniwang 6.3 hanggang 13 na oras sa isang linggo kung maglaro ang mga players sa buong mundo. Sa anim na oras nilang paglalaro at pagkalikot sa mga joystick na hawak nila, ano ano kayang nararamdaman nila? Namamanhind kaya ang mga kamay nila?

    Sa pag-aaral na isinagawa nina Zamani , Chashmi at Hedayati, ang ilan sa mga karamdaman na nararanasan ng mga manlalaro ay paglabo ng mata, anxiety, depression at hirap sa pagtulog. Ayon sa Essilor USA, isang website, ang matagal na paglalaro ng video games ay maaring magresulta sa paglabo ng mata, tinawag itong ‘computer vision syndrome’ o CVS  ng American Optomeric Association.   Nakabase sila sa napakaraming aspeto, isa na dito ang glare at low screen contrast na pumipilit sa kanilang mata na gumana kumpara sa normal lang na paggana nito. Isa pang karamdaman ay ang Carpal Tunnel Syndrome , nagsisimula ito sa pamamaga ng nakapalibot na mga tendons sa kanilang mga kamay dahil sa sobrang pagkalikot at paggamit ng console at kompyuter ang kadalasang sanhi nito.
    Ang pagtaba o pagiging  overweight ay isa din sa mga resulta ng paglalaro ng video games.  Noong 2006, ayon sa pag-aaral ng Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, ang mga manlalaro ng video games ay may malaking tsansa na maging obese. Ito ang kinalabasan ng pag-aralan ang 552 na manlalaro at ang karamihan sa kanila ay lumaki ang timbang. Napansin rin nilang ‘di na gaanong nakikipag-usap o nakikipag-‘socialize’ ang mga players kung ikukumpara sa mga ‘di naglalaro.
    Bukod pa sa mga pisikal na sakit, ang paglalaro ng video games ay maari din maging sanhi ng mga ‘mental diorders’ . Ang mga manlalaro ay maaaring magkaroon ng migraine, maging depressed, at pagiging agresibo. Ang matagal na pagtitig sa screen ay maaaring maging sanhi ng migraine, kagaya ng Carpal Tunnel Syndrome at Computer Vision Syndrome, may malaking posibilidad na magkaroon sila nito dahil sa paulit-ulit na rutin, o ang gawain ay nakasanayan nang gawin. Sintomas nito ay ang pagsakit ng ulo na maaring dahil sa matagal na pagtitig sa screen, at ang pagiging sensitibo sa ilaw na nakikita  at tunog na naririnig na maaring dahil sa konsentrasyong dapat ituon sa oras ng paglalaro.  Ayon kay Gentile at Anderson, ang mga video games ay nagpapataas ng tsansa na maging agresibo ang mga kabataan, dahil nga paulit ulit na naipapakita rito ang karahasan sa oras ng paglalaro. Isang insidente noong taong 2000 kung saan ang labing-anim na taong gulang na si Jose Rabadan ay tinapos ang buhay ng kanyang ina at kapatid na babae gamit ang katana sa kadahilanang siya raw si Squall Leonhart na pangunahing karakter ng larong ‘Final Fantasy V111’ . Ito ang kinakalabasan ng paglalaro ng video games dahil ito ang nakikita paulit-ulit ng mga kabataan. (Williams, & Marko, 2005).
    Dagdag pa rito, ang paglalaro din ng video games ay nakakapag-‘provoke’ sa mga manlalaro na maramdaman ang kasiyahan sa pamamagitan ng pananakit ng kapwa. Tinuturuan nito ang mga bata na maging mapag-isa, dahil nga mag-isa silang naglalaro, natututunan din nga mga bata ang maging madamot (Anderson & Bushman 2001).
    Sa katunayan, dahil nga nakakaranas ng karahasan ang mga kabataan habang sila’y naglalaro, tumataas ang tsansa na sila’y matakot na maging biktima ng karahasan. Naniniwala ang mga manlalaro na ‘di kayang solusyonan ng maayos na pag-uusap ng problema kung kaya’t dadaanin nila ito sa dahas (Sherry, 2001) Noong 2007, isang 27 anyos na manlalaro ang namatay habang naglalaro ng ‘Starcraft’ sa isang internet cafe sa Taegu, South Korea. Ayon sa awtoridad, namatay ang binata sa kadahilanang tuloy-tuloy itong naglaro sa loob ng 72 na oras at paunti unting pagkain at pag-inom, wala rin itong tulog at hindi na din nakagamit ng palikuran. Sobrang pagod ang naging dahilan ng pagkamatay ng binata.
    Ang simpleng pagpapalipas oras ay hindi dapat mauwi sa pagkawala ng buhay, maraming mga paraan upang makaiwas sa mga nasabing sakit at karamdaman. Simple lang, sa t’wing naglalaro ay babaan ang ilaw o ‘brightness‘ ng kompyuter at cellphone para makaiwas sa CVS. Huwag masyadong magbababad sa harap ng screen kakalaro ng paboritong video game. Kung hindi maiwasan ay turuan ang sarili na huminto at i-relax ang mga daliri sa bawat sampung minuto sa isang oras upang hindi magkaroon ng Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Rehabilitasyon at pagkonsulta sa dalubhasang doktor ang nararapat na gawin sa mga manlalarong sobra na ang interaksyon sa paglalaro. Sa bahay, matutong sumunod sa utos ng nakakatanda. Makinig sa mga seminar at pagpupulong ukol sa masamang epekto ng video games sa kalusugan at maging sa pag-aaral. Kung tutuusin, isa lamang ang solusyon o lunas sa mga ito- disiplina, disiplina ang pairalin kung ayaw mong sa mga darating na araw ay ma-gameover ka.
Ano, magre-restart ka pa?  


ni Meryl Santillan

    Ang pagkakaibigan na marahil ang isa sa mga bagay na mahirap ipagpalit sa materyal na bagay. Karaniwang pinaghihirapan ang makakuha at magkamit ng isang mabuting kaibigan. Kung hindi naman maaalagaan ang isang kaibigan ay nawawala na lamang na parang bula. Ang pag-iingat ng isa sa iyong mga pinakamahalagang kayamanan sa buhay ay maihahalintulad sa pag-aalaga ng isang kaibigan.

    Tunay na nakapagpapaligaya magkaroon ng isang kaibigan. Sa mga pagkakataong ika’y malungkot at nag-iisa ang isang kaibigan ay maaasahan. Sa lahat ng pagkakataon ay nariyan siya upang ika’y gabayan at damayan. Katulad na lang ng ilang naglalaan ng panahon upang makasama lang ang kaibigan. Sa mga pangyayaring hindi kanais-nais, kaibigan pa rin ang nagbibigay ng tamis at ligaya. Sa mga pagkakataong ika’y nag-aakalang katapusan na ng mundo, ang isang kaibigan ay siyang nagbibigay lakas. Walang pakundangan din silang nagpapatawad kung ika’y nagkaroon ng kasalanan. Ang ilang mga ‘di pagkakaunawaan ay agad-agad natatapos at naaayos.     Mga kaibigan nga nama’y daig ang pilak, ginto at salapi, ni minsa’y hindi mabibili ang kanilang pagpapatawad at paniniwala. Sa bawat ligayang iyong nararamdaman, kaibigan din ang gumagawa. Pinapagaan nila ang iyong pakiramdam kung ika’y nakararamdam ng sakit at poot. Iyong ligayang nakakamtam ay hindi nauubos, kahit na ikaw ay kapos sa pera. Sila’y laging andiyan upang ika’y paligayahin at magbigay ng liwanag. Sa tuwing magkakamit ng tagumpay, ang kanilang suporta ang iyong taglay sa lahat ng oras.
    Kaya naman sa aking mga kaibigan, maraming salamat sa lahat ng inyong natulong. Nagpapasalamat ako nang walang humpay at kayo’y aking nakilala. Maraming salamat sa inyo at ako’y inyong naunawaan kahit na ako’y karaniwang nagbabago ng ugali. Kayo’y mga biyaya ng Diyos. Nawa’y hindi kayo magbago, ako’y mabibigo kung kayo ay mawawala sa aking buhay. Ni minsan ay hindi sana kayo mawalay sa aking buhay. Kayo ay mananatili sa aking puso at isipan. Ang inyong mga ginintuang pangalan ay aking iimprenta sa aking puso. Mga kaibigan, nawa’y ang ating samahan ay hindi magbago.



    Ang kalikasan ay isang biyayang galing sa ating Panginoon. Dito nanggagaling lahat ng bagay na ating ikanabubuhay. Ito ay maganda at kapakipakinabang. Mula sa pagkain, tirahan, gamot at marami pang iba. Dito rin nanggagaling ang ating kaalaman na dahil sa kuryosidad sa napakahiwagang nilikha ng Diyos, nasusubok natin ang hangganan ng ating kaalaman.
    Dito sa ating bansa, napakataas ng ating biodiversity. Marami tayong mga hotspots na tinatawag na mapapakinabangan natin para lumago at lumawak ang turismo sa ating bansa. Mayaman din tayo sa likas na yaman. Ang ilan sa mga ito ay hindi pa natin alam kung paano gagamitin at ang ilan ay di pa natin natutulakasan.
    Ang kakulangan natin ng kaalaman sa kahalagahan ng kalikasan, abusadong paggamit nito at walang disiplina at limitasyon pagpapatayo ng mga inprastraktura, maling paraan pagtatapon ng basura, maling paraan ng pangingisda ang naging dahilan kung bakit nagkakaroon ng di inaasahang mga sakuna. Halos taon-taon tayong nakakaranas ng matinding pagbaha, landslide, phenomena at pagbabago ng klima.Tayong mga mamamayan at lahat ng nabubuhay dito sa mundo ang naaapektuhan ng mga sakuna at hindi magandang pagbabagong ito.
    Nararapat lamang na pangalagaan ang ating mga likas na yaman sapagkat dito tayo kumukuha ng ating mga pangangailangan sa ating pamumuhay at dito rin nakasalalay ang ating kaligtasan. Huwag na nating antayin pa na mailagay sa panganib ang buhay natin, at magkaroon ng realisasyon sa kahalagahan ng kalikasan.
    Simulan natin sa ating sarili, sa sariling bakuran at sa maliit na komunidad. It will make a difference. Kumilos na tayo habang pwede pa nating isalba at maenjoy ang biyayang binigay sa atin ng Panginoon.