Graduate School


Graduate education is at the apex of the educational system.  In the field of education, graduate studies is one of the more effective means of improving the capacities of education professionals who aim to contribute to the continued improvement of teaching and learning in the classrooms, delivery of student services, and management of educational programs.  Graduate education is also one of the most effective means of developing capacities related to doing research that will improve educational theory and practice in the many different aspects of the educational process.

Master of Arts in Education

Major in Education Administration


The San Carlos College Graduate Studies shall be the prime training department for the acquisition of research expertise in the field of education to pursue the aims of Higher Education and the Commission on Higher Education along the production of quality higher education in the country. It shall be a vehicle for scientific researches in keeping with national development goals specifically in the areas enunciated in the research agenda for Higher Education Institution promulgated by the Commission on Higher Education, to pursue administrative and supervising staff development for teachers’ empowerment.


San Carlos College, through its Graduate Program, seeks to further the purposes and aims of the College by imparting to its students a high degree of competence in research and professional practice in educational administration. It has a special concern for the formation of educators as well as administrators who will contribute to excellence in the Philippine educational system.


San Carlos College Graduate Studies aims to provide research-oriented professional teachers and school administrators who would be able to introduce innovation and approaches in instruction for the attainment of academic excellence needed in the fast changing world of information, science and technology. It shall aim to enhance qualitative and quantitative researches and instruction that can withstand global competition.

Course Curriculum

  1. Core / Foundation Courses (9 units)
    • Foundation of Education
    • Research Methodology
    • Advance Statistics
  2. Major Courses (15 units)
    • Problems & Issues in Educational Policies & Administration
    • Supervision of Instruction
    • Human Resource Management
    • Fiscal Management 
    • Administration of the Philippine School 
  3. Cognates / Electives (6 units)
    • Information System in Educational Management
    • Educational Legislation
    • Curriculum Development
    • Theories & Practices in Guidance & Counseling
    • Dynamics of Rural Development 
    • Program / Project Planning Evaluation
  4. Thesis (6 units)
    • Thesis Writing 1
    • Thesis Writing 2

Admission Requirements

Only the following in the judgment of the admission committee shall be eligible for admission to the M.A. in Education program:

  1. Must be a graduate of any teacher education degree program with at least an average rating of 2.0% or B or its equivalent in the entire program. Applicants with lower general average than the prescribed admission requirement however, may take the qualifying examination. Only after successfully passing and upon the recommendation of the admission committee and approval of the dean can the applicant be admitted for enrollment.
  2. Non-educational degree graduate must have taken at least eighteen (18) units of professional education subjects.
  3. Must be a holder of the required admission credentials:
    • Transfer Credential and/or Transcript of Record valid for enrollment purposes.
    • Study permit if a government employee;
    • Photocopy of Marriage Contract for married female students whose entrance credential is still in her maiden name.
  4. A student maybe allowed to sit-in classes anytime of the semester for audit purposes without earning credits in preparation for the comprehensive examination provided he/she shall:
    1. Apply in writing and seek approval from the Dean.
    2. Enroll the subject/s needed.
    3. Pay the required fees.

Regular attendance, compliance with course requirement, taking the periodic examination shall be at option of student in coordination with the faculty member.

Meet the Dean

Dr. Fermin earned his Bachelor of Arts Major in English and Master of Arts in Education Major in Educational Administration at San Carlos College. Recently earned his Doctors of Philosophy Major in Developmental Education at Virgen Milagrosa University Foundation. He served the college as OIC Dean for Graduate Studies, Training Coordinator and Principal in the Basic Education department before he became the Dean.