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2020 Issue Vol. 1

This journal, which features a collection of student researches from the Graduate Studies, serves as a good resource material for anyone who intends to venture on a ‘never-ending’ quest for instructional improvement, so to speak.  Studies on the various instructional delivery and learning modalities in respective subject areas have been conducted to determine the most appropriate pedagogy; hence several innovations have been introduced. 

Likewise, this publication includes research works of both instructional and administrative staff, whose undertakings in their respective field of endeavor have significantly provided this journal a rich source of initiatives enabling and inspiring research culture across all departments, in particular and in the entire institution, in general.


Education / Educational Technology

Proficiency Level of Grade 2 Learners in English: Basis for an Enriched Vocabulary Booklet
Kristine B. Bermal

Instructional Capability of Public Elementary School Teacher: Basis for a Proposed Action Plan
Mheryl Joy F. Pasoquin

English Proficiency Level of Grade 11 Learners in Malasiqui Agno Valley in Relation to Social Media
Nerisa Cariaga Pal-laya

Effects of Audio-Video Oral Communication Drill on the Performance of Grade 4 Learners in English
Perlita P. Narag

Proposed Video Clips for the use of Grade 3 Learners Classified Under Frustration Level
Raquel S. Munda Cruz



Accountancy and Business Administration

The Philippine Mango Global Value Chain: An Empirical Study Using the Gravity Model Approach
Dr. Michael F. Centino, MBA, LPT, CPA

Information Technology

Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System Approach on Predicting Hard Disk Failures towards Reliable Data Center
Jenniea A. Olalia. MSCS

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2019 Issue Vol. 1

The 2019 Issue Vol. 1 contains papers written and presented by students from the College of Information and Computing Studies, the College of Teacher Education, and Graduate Studies department.

This Research Journal is a free and open-access journal. It does not collect any processing fee, article submission charges, nor publishing charges.

Information Technology

Secured Fingerprint-Enabled Keyless Motorcycle Authentication Systems Using Arduino
Maynard Gel F. Carse, Jerome V. Custodio, and John Vic S. Verzosa
DOI: 10.5120/ijca2019918950 

Remote Home Security System Using Open-Source Electronic Platform
Rachel V. De Guzman, Clarissa Joy M. Lubrido, Claire N. Reyes
DOI: 10.5120/ijca2019918941 

A Mobile-Assisted Learning Application of Mother Tongue for Grade 3
Karl Vincent C. Carreon, Jessa Joy I. Mejia, Charry Ann Joy B. Padlan, Hanzrik G. Palagana
DOI: 10.5120/ijca2019918949

Implementing Local Open-Source Network Attached Storage for Higher Education Institution
Jorrish D. Alcantara, Angelo T. Calimlim and Bernard Jorge Dayag
DOI: 10.5120/ijca2019918948