Dear Students, Alumni, Parents, Partners in Mission, Friends & Generous Benefactors,

We thank God for the many blessing He has granted our institution and to all our students who have graced our hallowed halls as we celebrate 67 years of providing educational excellence to our students! Many of our graduates have done well here and abroad, and occupy positions of influence and responsibility in the various institutions and areas they are connected to. We are proud of you!

As we enter this year of grace, we strive to continue blazing the trail, and Soar to Greater Heights to give all our students the best education ever, and prepare them to become men and women of substance in their spheres of influence!

As We Educate… Innovate… and Serve, we invite all our friends, generous benefactors and alumni to unite! To become active! And come help join The San Carlos College in our mission of service for the delivery of quality education to our students. We encourage everyone to help in whatever manner you are led to. Be it volunteer work, donations, scholarships… etc. Thank you.

Looking forward to a united and active San Carlos College Community!

In Service, Character and Scholarship we remain,

Very truly yours,

Edward Vincent D. Unson