Student Organization

Student Organizations of San Carlos College are able operate and function with different goals and plans. These organizations form an integral component of the Non-Academic Formation Program. They are expected to live by and operate along the mission and vision of San Carlos College.

Supreme Student Council

All College and Graduate Studies students are qualified members of the Student Body that elects officers of the Supreme Student Council (SSC) which is the highest organization in the institution. Officers shall represent various colleges and/or year levels. They are expected to encourage the students to learn and practice good governance, transparency and solidarity.
The SSC also provides resources for students to create new and/or existing organizations to plan events, prepare fund proposals and other aspects critical to organizational needs.

SSC provides ways to get involved through student organizations, resource centers that support diversity and leadership and community service programs.

College Department Student Organizations

The College and Graduate School, shall have a student government that is composed of duly elected representatives from the different segments of the Academic Unit it represents. These Student Government organizations provide leadership training opportunities for officers and expose the students to governance of the body they oversee and help. Student Government Organizations should develop a program of activities that are in line with the thrusts of the Institution, where the students they represent, can get exposed to planning, organizing, implementing and assessing what they had set out to do.

Student Government organizations shall be supervised in the College and Graduate School Level by the Student Affairs Coordinator.

Co-curricular Clubs or Interest Clubs

These are academically oriented clubs that enhance the academic department programs. Students who participate in these clubs join these groups so that their know-how, experience and exposure in their chosen academic disciplines will grow.

Direct Supervision of these Co-Curricular Clubs is handled by the Department Head or authorized representative who is appointed by the Dean. Said must be a full-time member of the school’s teaching staff.